Our sauces are fresh, homemade and jarred by hand - they require refrigeration at all times. 

Find them in the dairy section of all Central Markets in Texas.

​Peanut Sauce - Dipping & All-Purpose Sauce
A creamy, peanutty flavor simmered with the best coconut milk and  spices to create our famous Sea Siam Peanut Sauce.  This savory sauce can be used as a dipping sauce with grilled meat, seafood or vegetables. For a filling meal, toss it with noodles and meat or use it to dress a fresh bowl of salad. Sea Siam Peanut Sauce has been made by hand just for you - it's like having a Thai restaurant in your kitchen.
No preservatives, gluten free and vegan.

Green Curry Sauce- Simmer Sauce

​A classic Thai Green Curry Sauce with the finest coconut milk, lemongrass and a spicy kick. Simmered for 45 minutes to marry the delicious, creamy flavors, now you can have our delicious green curry sauce without all the work. 

No preservatives and gluten free

Massaman Curry Sauce - Simmer Sauce

Once you try this nutty and super fragrant curry, you'll never go back! The sweetest of our curries, Massaman is traditionally used with potatoes and goes with most meat and vegetarian options. Our Sea Siam Massaman Curry is slow cooked and jarred by hand to bring you the freshest and most delicious sauce you've ever tasted. 

No preservatives and gluten free

Panang Curry Sauce - Simmer Sauce   

​While very similar to red curry, Panang is milder and more subtly flavored. Penang Curry came to Thailand from Laos and the warm, rich sauce goes well with all meats. Lemongrass, garlic, cumin and paprika are expertly blended to give an amazing depth of flavor. 

No preservatives and gluten free

Yellow Curry Sauce- Simmer Sauce  

​While remaining distinctly Thai in taste, yellow has similarities to traditional Indian curry with turmeric as one of the vital ingredients giving our sauce its golden-yellow hue. This very popular curry also contains the flavors of cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaves.

No preservative and gluten free

Red Curry Sauce - Simmer Sauce     COMING SOON